AdGuard VPN — private proxy v2.1.53 build 131832 Premium


Introduce about AdGuard VPN

AdGuard VPN is developed by AdGuard Software. This application can help you block annoying ads video while creating a private internet for you to access the internet more safely.

Currently, VNP applications are quite popular. Some popular applications that I introduced earlier are, ExpressVPN, InternetGuard or Panda VPN Pro. However, they do not have an ad-blocking feature, so sometimes they do not meet the needs of users. AdGuard VPN was born to fill that gap, and this article will give an overview of the application. Please monitor and consider before downloading!

Access the internet more securely

Today, as the internet has become ubiquitous, hotspots are also installed everywhere from shopping malls, schools, offices to convenience stores. However, these networks are not really secure. For this reason, the VPN was created to give users more peace of mind when using public networks.

By creating a private tunnel in the network, AdGuard VPN hides the IP address of the user when they make the connection. Hackers or bad guys will not be able to detect, attack or steal information.

Many people also questioned how well is AdGuard VPN disguised? AdGuard Software once answered that they have created a separate protocol, disguised as normal traffic to exchange information between two ends of the network. Therefore, it will be a big challenge if someone wants to capture the packet and intercept the transmission.

Discover some restricted content

Currently, there are many countries and regions around the world implementing content restriction policies. People whose IP addresses are different from the ones provided by carriers in the area will be prevented, and concurrently hide all restricted content. VPN is once again useful, as it hides the user’s real IP address to bypass the barrier.

Some content or the user’s country block content from one country to another. For example, China blocks Facebook, Viet Nam block 18+ content. AdGuard VPN is the key for users to access all those content.

Fast internet speed

In the process of using a VPN service, speed is something users have to trade-off if they want to get more content. AdGuard VPN outperforms other VPN applications, because of its network of servers located in 5 continents, across 16 countries, from Australia, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore to India. Thanks to that, the internet browsing speed of the user is significantly improved.

No more annoying ads

AdGuard VPN has two valuable features compared to its competitors VPN services: VPN information transfer protocol and adblocking.

Regarding the protocol, I have mentioned above. As for ad blocking, you’ll have to install an extension or a third-party app if you’re not using AdGuard VPN. As can be seen, this is quite convenient. The application will prevent all files trying to read cookies, history or data in the user’s device memory. At the same time, it also prevents javascript files from containing ads. You will not be bothered while keeping personal data confidential from third parties.

Also, when browsing the internet with AdGuard VPN, all history will be deleted when you exit the app. This is literally a private network, leaving no trace.


By default, when you start AdGuard VPN, it will work with all games, apps, and browsers on your device. However, you can change this in the “Apps Settings” section. This is really handy when it comes to being able to specify which applications will be using the VPN specifically.

An example is that I often turn off VPN when playing PUBG Mobile so I can match with regional players. It helps me minimizing delay, and I can communicate with each other more easily.