Smart TV Remote Smart ThinQ v4.2 Premium

Smart TV Remote Smart ThinQ v4.2 Premium

If you can’t find your TV remote, throw it away and use Smart TV Remote: Smart ThinQ. This application will turn your smartphone into your smart TV remote. And it has even more functions worth using than an ordinary TV, with all the normal tasks on the TV remote retained. In addition, there are many more features that can only be done on smartphones. It is a TV control device, but it is also something to connect many other entertainment activities. You will know how to use it only after a while; try it.

Smart TV Remote: Smart ThinQ is a program that helps change smartphones into buttons and links to the TV screen. So that when you act on these virtual buttons, it’s like using a TV remote. The TV will work based on the button you press. It gives the user the feeling that they are using a TV remote to watch TV. In addition, many new functions have never appeared. In particular, they can only do it if your control is a smartphone.

Access the Smart TV Remote application: Smart ThinQ. You will immediately see an interface with buttons of different sizes and shapes. They simulate a TV remote with lots of buttons representing separate functions. Your job is to connect to the TV you have. Then press the buttons and use them as a regular remote. We have a full range of keys such as turning on / off the TV, increasing or decreasing the volume, changing the TV channel, but going back and forth, pressing the button to change the channel, turn off the volume… The special thing is that this remote control has one side. We can flip to other sides to use a little more. Instead, serve advanced functions continuously without interruption.

Enjoy the service

If you have used TV, you must have used many other services that revolve around it. Typically like web browsers, Youtube, and social networks like Facebook. Or online movie services that can connect to the TV. Usually, they will have their button displayed on the remote. And Smart TV Remote: Smart ThinQ also has this function. You need to swipe to another screen to see those buttons immediately. Which programs your TV can support will display the buttons of those programs. Just press that we can use it easily.

Use as the mouse pointer

Many TV remotes can do this function as long as it has a signal in the front. However, if your home TV remote can’t do it, Smart TV Remote: Smart ThinQ can still. Use the Touchpad function and start moving your finger on the smartphone screen. The smartphone screen will then be treated as a dedicated touchpad area for the TV. The mouse pointer on the screen will move smoothly with your finger. So when you want to tap any place on the screen. Just use the touchpad right on the smartphone.

Share useful content

Because it’s connected to the TV, the smartphone you’re using as a remote can do so much more. Specifically, sharing photos and videos on the smartphone on the TV. Everyone can see a lot of the good stuff I’ve recorded. Maybe we a get together and watch a good movie together. Or a vibrant music party where everyone can listen to their favorite genre. Smart TV Remote: Smart ThinQ is more than just convenience. It also helps bring everyone together.

Smart TV Remote Smart ThinQ v4.2 Premium
Instructions :-

1. Uninstall if you've previously installed the application.
2. Allow installing from unknown sources.
3. Install the application and enjoy!